When I was younger, I was constantly asked why. What was my purpose? Why did I love to sing? This was always a hard question for me to answer because to me, music was just like air: I needed it. After years of being asked that daunting question, I finally realized how important my story is when it comes to music- this world’s universal language.


I searched for what seemed like years on a “why” and of course, because I was forcing it, it didn’t come to me. In January of 2018, my dad and I were having a conversation about our family roots. I wanted to go by a name that was a little simpler and easier to pronounce- We discovered the name “Kol” which means Voice in Hebrew. I loved this name- simple and perfect to me. Little did I know that not a month later one of my dear friends would pass away with the same name, “Cole”. I hadn’t talked to him much in the past couple of years but will always remember our last short talk we had January 10th, when he called me and told me how proud he was of me. We talked of our hopes to one day get to record something together.


In the past, I had tried everything in the book when it came to writing music and nothing ever seemed right. Suddenly, everything was so much different.

Fast forward a couple of months and here I am in Nashville recording my first album titled ,“Sunny Day”- featuring songs written by both me and my dear friend Cole. Finally, for the first time ever I have felt my “why” and have been able to make a beautiful light out of such a dark time.


“Without  music, life would be a mistake”.


― Friedrich Nietzsche